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    Feb 07, 2005


    Seasoning pans 400 degree for one hour in the oven, does this include pound cake pans?

    Saucepans in summer, crepe pans in fall, when winter's upon us, there's food for us all.

    One additional comment:

    The instructions to my Circulon Total non-stick pans (with a surface by Teflon) has this under the section, "Nonstick Cookware":

    "Do not use nonstick cooking sprays on nonstick cookware -- an invisible buildup will impair the nonstick release system and food will stick in your pan."

    Don't forget to use a screwdriver and remove any non oven safe handles before baking .... I learned that the hard way!

    Professional Chefs heat the pan over high flame with vegetable oil inside, then add a generous amount of salt to the pan and rub in circular motion with a rag for about 15 minutes. Let it cool and then just wipe the pan with soft cloth. The trick is to never wash the pan again with hot water and soup. Since nothing sticks to the pan anymore, just a light wiping and cold water is sufficient for cleaning. (your sunny-side up eggs will just slide off the pan by tilting the pan!)

    i recently found a heavy iron frying pan in my neighber's yard. i cleaned the rust from it but it has a rusted look to it, how do i get it ready for frying.

    I have a 40 yr old electric skillet that was purchased at Sears. It appears to be aluminum coated with a Teflon substance. Food has started sticking pretty badly. How can I "season" to remedy that sticking problem?
    Thank you

    My frying pan cannot be placed in the oven due to the handle. How can I finish the process?

    This was so useful as some twit had "unseasoned" my pan by doing something to it - dishwasher I suspect!

    I season my pans twice a year and my method differs from the writers but, the method comes up with the same results. I take a pristene clean pan and starting at the center, in a circular fashion, spread an ever so thin layer of oil over the entire surface of the pan. I then insert the pan into a preheated 400 degree oven for 1 hour. Works like a charm.

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